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Indoor Guides is a home improvement blog website. Here you will find all useful information and ideas about home improvement such as home design, interior decoration, house cleaning, property styling, flooring and so on. 

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Flooring always plays a vital role to enhance the beauty of a house. There are various types of flooring available like marble flooring, wooden flooring etc. Read our content about various types of flooring.


You may have valuable furniture and other stuff to make beautiful your house. All will be useless if you don't clean your property properly. We have some tips to keep your property neat and clean.

Property Styling

Property styling is a part of interior decoration. For proper styling, you need proper furniture which will perfectly match with your each room. You should choose your furniture carefully.

Home Design

Home Design

A well designed home always looks beautiful. Home design is always indispensable for both interior and exterior beauty. We have unique ideas about home design. Read our content about design.

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Knowing the Type and Size of a Water Tank You Need

When you plan to get an underground water tank, some of the decisions you need to make is determining the type of tank you need as well as its size. That’s precisely what this article is all about. Read further to find out!


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Tips for Heating Your Outdoor Area This Winter

Signature Gas Heaters Sydney


It’s becoming that time of year again. That time when you don’t need to water the garden anymore because it rains enough to feed it. That time when you’re on your way home from work and suddenly feel frozen to the core. Winter is almost upon us!

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Some of My Favourite Real Flame Models

If you ask me, real flame is the only way to go. The way the flames dance and flicker is simply magic while also providing the perfect ambiance for an evening in, spent with a glass of your favourite wine.  It's simply a more authentic heating and atmospheric experience. 



On those cold gloomy nights, it's nice to fire up the real flame heater and lounge around. It brightens the room and things don't seem so gloomy anymore. Somewhat the opposite. The atmosphere created is warm and inviting. That's why I have chosen to write about my favourite real flame models.


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Heating Options worth Considering

Heating options have evolved, over time, with technological advances and architectural development in the world over. Domestic sources of heat are no longer just functional household components, but have become a fundamental aesthetic addition to your home’s interior. The days of smoky wood fires and sooty walls are officially well behind us, as contemporary heating solutions generally offer a more complete combustion of fuels and low emission rates, when used and maintained as per the manufacturer’s instruction.


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