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Indoor Guides is a home improvement blog website. Here you will find all useful information and ideas about home improvement such as home design, interior decoration, house cleaning, property styling, flooring and so on. 

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Flooring always plays a vital role to enhance the beauty of a house. There are various types of flooring available like marble flooring, wooden flooring etc. Read our content about various types of flooring.


You may have valuable furniture and other stuff to make beautiful your house. All will be useless if you don't clean your property properly. We have some tips to keep your property neat and clean.

Property Styling

Property styling is a part of interior decoration. For proper styling, you need proper furniture which will perfectly match with your each room. You should choose your furniture carefully.

Home Design

Home Design

A well designed home always looks beautiful. Home design is always indispensable for both interior and exterior beauty. We have unique ideas about home design. Read our content about design.

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Hiring a Cleaner for Mother's Day

Hiring a Cleaner for Mother's Day

Being a mother is a multi-faceted balancing act. The role of a mother can vary depending on the day of the week. Some days you're a driver when you have to get the kids to piano lessons. Some days you're a maid taking care of all the household chores. And above all, you have the responsibility of managing a household and making sure that everyone is on target to achieving a healthy and functional lifestyle. 

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What are Roller Shutters Made From

What are Roller Shutters made from

Most people are opting for roller shutters on their windows. This is because they are designed to roll down a window, fitting across and along the frame snugly. This not only provides added security, but also doubles up as a form of interior design, since roller shutters look good. Being incredibly strong, shutters they cannot be easily pried away from the window. This is one of the ways they deter intruders and potential robbers. Sometimes, even the sight of shutters makes would be invaders change their minds.

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Why You Can Never Be Too Cautious With Home Security

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Why We Love Cooking Outdoors So Much

There is no other room in the house that expresses our era like the kitchen. Over the past couple of decades, they have constantly been updated by modern technology, at the same time culinary fashions have changed radically. 

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