Selling a House Empty Versus Selling a House Styled

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Selling a property is never easy, and with tough competition to get the best price, it’s essential to take every trick out of the book for a swift and rewarding sale.

One of the biggest questions faced by homeowners and builder-developers with an empty home is whether to leave the property as-is, or to invest in styling (AKA staging) the home.


What is styling?

Basically, styling involves hiring furniture, furnishings and sometimes décor to enhance a home for sale and having a professional stylist work with your space to bring it all together. Styling can be done to work with existing furniture, or used in an empty home, to highlight attributes and minimise potential flaws – such as tight spaces and awkward lighting.



What is better for selling an empty house?

In most cases, professional styling can turn a sterile space into a warm and inviting abode. Translating across photos and open houses, styling not only makes it easier for home hunters to imagine living in the space - but also draws in the right type of buyer.

On the other hand, empty homes offer barriers to sale. Without measurements, empty rooms provide little perspective in photographs, and a stark visage draws the eye to sometimes disparaging features, like pokey and dark corners.


Styling Pros

  • Attracts the most appropriate buyers
  • Themes are fresh and chosen to work with architecture
  • Play up attributes and minimise flaws
  • Help buyers realise the potential of the home (e.g. nooks for storage, open plan for indoor-outdoor entertaining)
  • Creates a lived-in display home feel
  • Works across photos and open homes
  • Is known to encourage swift and favourable sales


Styling Cons

  • Need to account for hiring and styling cost
  • Some of your existing furniture and décor may not work with the styling


Empty Home Pros

  • Buyers get to imagine their own furniture in the home
  • Home requires just to be kept clean
  • No additional costs


Empty Home Cons

  • Empty rooms don’t always translate well into photographs
  • Architectural flaws are laid bare
  • Risk of attracting unsuitable buyers
  • Buyers will rely on measurements and multiple inspections to build perspective



How much styling is necessary?

This depends entirely on your budget, what you may already have and want to use, and the type of architectural attributes and issues you’re managing. Some powerful styling can just involve selecting major pieces of furniture to create comfortable bedrooms and living spaces; even the addition of soft furnishings can make a huge difference to a home. A professional stylist will guide you through every step from choosing a theme to working with each room’s attributes.


Styling is one of the most powerful sales tactics you can take on when selling a property. For more information on how we can help you secure a rewarding property sale, please contact the Pabs team on 1800 20 10 20 or visit

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