A Privacy Screen Provides A Stylish Way To Be Discreet

Privacy Screes
Privacy Scree (Image Source: Fencing Manufacturers)


Most homeowners like to have a bit of privacy, especially in neighbourhoods where the houses or flats are very close together. Even if you love your neighbours, you do not want to see directly into their houses, and vice versa. That is why a privacy screen is a great addition to your home, and it could pay off big dividends should you ever decide to sell your property, since it adds value. Buyers will respond better to a home with these screens, along with the clean lines and modern look that the slats provide.




Slimline Privacy Screen System


As the name suggests, the slimline privacy screen system provides thin, flat slats that give you some private space while still allowing you to see through them. These are fantastic for when you do not want to be super secretive but still value a bit of discretion. These are great for not just your yard, but also patios and pool areas. In fact, families with small children often use these as barriers to keep the children out of the water for safety. 



Block Out Privacy Screen


The slats on a block out set of screens are much closer together, making it harder for neighbours and people on the street to see into your yard or home. These are for people who really value discretion while still wanting a stylish and modern looking addition to their property.



Louvre Privacy Screen


This system gives you the maximum private space available in a slat based system. While some systems like this might impede airflow, the Louvre will still give you more than adequate airflow, so you still get to feel the breezes as they pass through while upgrading your home and outdoor space.





After you choose which type of slats you want, the next decision is to decide which orientation you desire. Horizontal slats are the most common, so they will likely fit into your yard decor a bit better and match your neighbour next door in case they also have screens surrounding their property.


The slats can also be installed vertically if you desire. This is a more unusual approach, but it still looks fantastic and sets your home apart from others on the same street, if you desire that.





There is a wealth of choices when it comes to slat colours, so there is likely one to match your particular taste. Perhaps you want something in a neutral or earthtone colour, or you could go for a louder colour such as a bright blue or red. Stand out or blend in, the choice is yours.






The weather in Australia can turn quite quickly. One minute it is boiling hot, and the next it is pouring rain, with wind and cooler temperatures to go with it. With this type of unpredictability, you need outdoor products that can withstand the weather and still look great afterwards. You can rely on your privacy screen to stand up the elements, as the slats are coated to repel rain or sun damage. This means your investment is protected for years to come, and the fencing always looks as if it was just installed brand new. It requires little maintenance, so you do not need to worry about future upkeep.

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