Reasons To Install Frameless Pool Fencing

Swimming pools are popular additions for homes of all shapes and sizes proving functional and serves as a modern entertainment feature. Frameless pool fencing has gained increased attention for its versatile and beautiful design surrounding the structure without consuming too much space or affecting the functionality of the area.

The following tips can assist in determining whether these types of clear enclosures are suitable for your home.

More about Frameless Pool Fencing

A pool fence is any structure used to enclosure the swimming pools providing security, aesthetics and ease of maintenance allowing you to monitor who enters and leaves the space. Materials from wood to steel and aluminium are commonly used to erect boundaries, but glass has received increased attention for its durability and beautiful design value. Learning about its cost, features and longevity will determine whether this style fits with your fence needs.

The frameless pool fencing consists of a tempered glass of a considerable thickness that is durable enough to withstand external environmental conditions and provide a modern design appeal. The lack of a frame does not make for a risky feature, but creates a floating appearance and a true sense of spaciousness owing to the crystal clear panels. These features are exceptionally strong and resistant against general wear and tear making for attractive and functional barrier solutions.


Frameless pool fencing is designed to satisfy a number of features for boundaries surrounding swimming pools. The thicker glass is durable against harsh sunlight, wind, rain and frost proving easy to maintain while keeping the pools safe and secure. It will keep the structure protected without obscuring the view making for a more functional and attractive solution when looking to protect swimming pools.

The glass panels surrounding pools are designed to minimize easy access in and out of the area preventing small children or pets from frequenting without permission or supervision. The smooth paneling makes it impossible for individuals to gain a foothold to climb over into the structure while providing a clear unobstructed view. It does not consist of thick fence or materials where potential intruders can hide and remain undiscovered.


The clear sturdy panels in frameless pool fencing consist of a tough construction that is resistant against general wear and tear. It is able to maintain its structural appeal and integrity against extremes in temperature and weather conditions and will not shatter or break easily. The style of paneling and quality workmanship ensure that these designs will last for an incredibly long period of time.

Ease of Maintenance

Glass does not require the maintenance that alternative materials need, from wood treatments to paint and the removal of rust on steel fences. All that is needed to manage the clear paneling includes a wipe down with a soft cloth to remove any marks, fingerprints or dust that have settled along the surface areas. This will produce a high shine and clearer view of swimming pools without having to go to additional costs for the modifications.

Beautiful Design

Clear glass panels are appealing structural design options producing a well maintained and neat appearance that is suitable for any sized property or pool. Glass will not obscure the view of the feature allowing you to maintain a high standard of security without missing out on the beauty of specific pool design. These additions have been created to improve the look and the appeal of swimming pools without having to conceal the structure.

The crystal clear paneling provides an unobstructed view of this feature that is suitable for all types of pools with a beautiful layout and modern appeal. A high standard of craftsmanship will deliver long lasting and durable results that can tolerate changes in temperature and external weather patterns. The assistance provided by a professional installation company will deliver unique design options and enhancements that are suitable for the structure.


The glass design will provide an unobstructed view of swimming pools and allow a greater amount of natural light into the space. This is most suitable for smaller yards where space around pools may be problematic as the glass style will produce a true sense of spaciousness. It is important to consider the appeal these features can deliver for improved form and function.

Frameless Pool Fencing Install

The installation of frameless pool fencing must be handled by authorized professionals in the industry offering a guarantee on the completion of workmanship. This includes the completion of structural measurements and the options that will best suit economical, aesthetic and secure design around swimming pools. With clear panels surrounding pools, it provides a beautiful and quality result.

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