Privacy Screen -- A Privacy Fence for Your Security

Privacy Screes

The Privacy Screen

Just like a fence, a privacy screen divides a certain area from another and provides privacy to the property and the people on it. It you’re not familiar with privacy screens, they are like the quality tight knit form of screens that they use in construction sites to keep the construction process private and to restrict people from going near the site where they can get injured  


A privacy screen fortified around a house is advisable for certain reasons.

  • It restricts uninvited people from entering your property.
  •  A privacy screen also shields homeowners and their home from weather damages like flood.
  • It reduces the level of heat that enters your home.
  • It reduces the amount of dust coming into your property from the road or street.
  • It restricts animals from entering and destroying your property, garden, or agriculture field.


There are other reasons to have a privacy screen installed within the vicinity of your home.


People can choose among these types of privacy screens:

  • Screen Mesh Fabric – This screen is woven polypropylene with quality screen material and easy to install.
  • Screen Netting – Either commercial open or commercial air, it offers maximum air flow. This privacy screen is usually used within sport fields like the tennis courts and soccer fields.
  • Widescreens – Widescreens ensure complete privacy with woven UV rated polypropylene and no fillers.

Each type ensures 99% privacy or blockage. Our company does not offer commercial custom printed fence screens or the printing of just any image that one wants to appear on their screen. Instead, our company uses an inspirational message or a beautiful picture of an amazing landscape to greet everyone a good day. A custom printed privacy screen is common for store outlets. It can display whatever product they sell, such as shoes, bags, cars, and a variety of service products.


The installation process for privacy screens is vital for its purpose. Solid Vinyl is the best material to use for a privacy screen. The black binding that holds the vinyl should be reinforced and fitted well. The PVC construction completely blocks the visibility of the area and is property covered by the solid vinyl privacy screens.


Always make sure that every material to be utilized for the structure of the privacy screen is durable and lightweight. It is advisable to have a professional conduct the installation so that no process will be overlooked. Also, make sure to have your privacy screen checked by structure professionals regularly.


Privacy isn’t a problem unless you are doing something illegal, which you are not. Privacy for your family, work area, and business is essential. It helps people focus on the things they want to concentrate on rather than being annoyed by the lingering things outside, which cause noise and disturbance. Most of all, the installation of privacy screens is also an upgrade for your home’s security. Ultimately, visibility blockage is the goal. In reality, privacy screens offer more than that. Yes, a fence is also okay but the security provided by a wide and tall screen is way better. So install your privacy screen now.

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