How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Pool?

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A pool is a wonderful addition to your home. When you consider the cost of the pool and its regular maintenance, it winds up being less expensive than taking the family on vacations every summer.

Less expensive but not free, there are still regular maintenance costs to a pool’s upkeep that you’ll need to consider when thinking about buying.

It’s true, you can save a good deal of money by doing the regular cleaning and upkeep of your pool yourself, while leaving the more difficult repairs to a professional, and still wind up ahead. So what does general upkeep and maintenance cost for a pool? Here are some estimates for the most basic cleaning and upkeep of your pool.


A skimmer is a shallow net which attached to a long, light pole. It’s used to skim debris, like leaves, blossoms and bugs, from the water’s surface. The length of time skimming your pool depends on the length of the pool and the amount of debris there is to clean.



On average, it should only take you 20 minutes to skim an average-sized pool. You should plan to skim your pool every other day. If left unattended to, debris will sink to the bottom of the pool and stick to it, causing a permanently stained liner. A skimmer usually costs around $7.


Chlorine is necessary for every swimming pool. Chlorine is used to neutralize harmful bacteria. Chlorine is available in liquid and tablet form, and it can be added as part of a routine maintenance schedule or inserted into an assortment of floating, time-released dispensers.



Typically, a 25-pound container of 3-inch Chlorine tablets costs about $60 to $70. A two-gallon container of liquid chlorine costs around $7.50.

Muriatic Acid

Muriatic acid is used to lower the pH levels of your pool. It prevents bacteria, fights mineral buildup and mainly helps to keep your pool clean. However, too much muriatic acid can damage your pool and cause your eyes, nose and skin sting.



This is why you always need to carefully follow the manufacturer’s directions for adding acid to your pool. Muriatic acid costs, on average, $7.70 per gallon.

Soda Ash

Sodium bicarbonate, also known as soda ash, is used to combat excess acid. Soda Ash will raise the pH level in your pool by neutralizing some of the more harmful effects of muriatic acid. Too much soda ash will allow bacteria to thrive in your pool and encourage mineral buildup to clog your plumbing. A 6-pound container of soda ash costs roughly $8.00.

Testing Kit

A basic testing kit is important for every pool owner to have. With a kit, you can easily gauge your pH levels by taking a small water sample and adding certain chemicals to the solution.


Most kits test for chlorine, bromine, alkalinity ad acidity. Test kits cost about $15. Occasionally you will need to replace the solutions in your pool. A full set of replacement solutions costs around $8.

Pool Vacuum

A Skimmer won’t pick up the finer contaminants that wind up in your pool. That is where a pool vacuum comes in. A pool vacuum will roll along the bottom of the pool and suck up all of the small debris in the pool. Pool vacuums range in price from as low as $20 to as high as $600 for a robotic or automatic vacuum.


Replacement filter cartridges are priced based on their size and capacity. A basic two-pack of 4.25-inch cartridges can cost about $13, however, a single 10-inch, high-end filter can cost as much as $75.



Sand should be replaced in sand filters every three years. A 50-pound container of sand costs about $12. Diatomaceous earth fo.r pool filtering costs about $20 for a 25-pound bag.

Pool Cover

A pool cover is necessary for safety and it also keeps debris out of your pool when no one is using it. Although they can be expensive, covers protect your pool and save you money in the long run. A good quality pool cover will usually cost around $600.


Regular maintenance of your pool won’t, normally take more than 2 hours every week, if done regularly and isn’t very expensive at all if you watch for sales on the few items you need to purchase regularly.



This regular cleaning and upkeep will keep your pool in great shape, rather than letting it turn into pond scum.

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