Where to Consider Using Frameless Glass

Frameless glass fencing

Where does frameless glass work best?


When it comes to picking the best fencing options, stepping outside the conventional post and rail box can open up your home, office and entertaining spaces like never before.


Metal and tension railings, while practical and available in a range of designs, don’t always best reflect your personal style or the style of your home or office. This is where frameless glass fencing can really lend itself to enhancing your working and personal spaces.



So where does frameless glass fencing work best?

Renovations that take your property to the next level


Renovations are an exciting, but daunting time for homeowners and builders. When every touch you introduce can have a lasting impact on the practicality and value of your property, you need to make the best decisions.

Introducing a modern and seamless feature into your home can dramatically open up otherwise dark, tight and pokey areas such as:


  • Staircases: Narrow living areas can be given a feeling of openness and light with frameless glass
  • Winter gardens: Turn sunrooms into winter gardens with seamless glass bi-folds that can be opened and closed to bring in light, but keep out the harsh elements
  • Landings: Frameless glass landing balustrades add a modern touch while also allowing different operational zones to share the passive lighting within otherwise darkened areas. 

Bridging separate entertaining zones


Outdoor entertaining has never been more popular than today; family and friends congregate regularly over summer lunches, night-time barbeques, children’s pool parties and more.

For homeowners who want to combine safety with style, a frameless glass pool fence can give you that much needed peace of mind while making it easier for you to keep an eye on your loved ones.


The sleek design can doesn’t just have to be contained to wet areas, this fencing system has been used successfully throughout garden and entertaining areas for an integrated design.

Opening up your million-dollar view


Homes with envious views over hills, forests, beaches and bays deserve to make the most of every view. If your veranda balustrading is dated, or doesn’t let you enjoy the full view of your home surroundings, a frameless glass bannister might be just the thing.


Frameless glass bannisters are strong and resilient, and when finished with a suitable top lip, this system is the perfect addition for homes young and old in urban and regional areas.

Updating your home's street presence


Bungalows and double story homes can appear closed-in and out-dated from the street front when there are traditional bannisters. In fact, if you don’t want to go for the somewhat unimaginative metal bannister system, wooden bannisters require regular maintenance in the form of sanding and painting to fend off moisture, sea salt and dry rot.

Frameless glass fence, however, add a stylish and modern touch without needing additional maintenance or competing with the home’s own design.


From colonial weatherboards to modern brick veneer, glass balustrades are a clean and easy maintain option for increasing your street presence.

Freshening your office layout


A simple design addition to your office or showroom is the use of seamless glass panelling. When combined with frosted privacy appliques, frameless glass can create open-feeling and professional rooms without the stuffy, darkened environment most old offices contain.


Frameless glass has been used successfully for private offices, change-rooms, lobbies, boardrooms, dining areas and co-working spaces.

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