How to Choose the Correct Size Pool

There is no denying the fact that a swimming pool is a significant purchase for you and your family. We aren’t talking about the pool you put together or blow up, we are talking about an honest to goodness “Big Boy” pool here folks. So what size do you get?


Well, the question isn’t as easy to answer as some people may think. There are some things you need to consider before you decide on the size of in-ground, or above-ground (one of the considerations) pool.

That is why I’ve chosen to write this article, I can help make your decision a little easier with some knowledge I’ve picked up over the years.

The pool size should be decided based on backyard size and the use of pool.

How Big is Your Backyard?


One of the more obvious questions you need to answer is, what is the size of the yard the pool is going into?

Limited Size Yard


If your yard has size constraints, you may need to consider a smaller pool, which won’t take up a large part of your current yard. However, if you have a large yard then you won’t be working within strict guidelines and don’t really need to worry too much about space available.

Plan for the Future


A pool isn’t only a large financial investment, it’s a large everything. Meaning, once you figure out all the specifics and the crew gets the installation underway, you pretty much have to stick with your decision for a very long time. So, you obviously need to make sure you think all of this through.


When considering the size swimming pool, you want in your yard, it’s also important to consider what you might want to do in the future with the pool and the surrounding area.


If you are thinking about eventually adding beautiful landscaping around the pool. Or, if you plan to build a large deck around the pool, you will definitely need to keep this in mind when planning the pool’s size and design.


This means you not only need to visualise the size of your yard, but find out exactly where your property lines are and research everything that will go into designing and planning the type of landscaping and deck you plan to add in the space available.

What Will You Use the Pool for?


The size of your available space should be or first consideration. After that you’ll want to decide what you plan to use the pool for. Is your family large, and do you expect the pool to be used often?


If this is the case, you may want to choose a larger pool with multiple entrance points. If someone plans to swim laps, for exercise, on a regular basis the length of the pool will be the most important characteristics, rather than design.


If you expect to entertain often, you may want a smaller pool with a larger deck. Even though this sounds backward, when you host pool parties with a lot of people, they usually tend to gather on the deck, rather than in the pool.

Shape of the Pool


Different shapes can influence the look and feel of the swimming pool. Long rectangular pools can seem large. However, you can get a different feel and visual from a kidney shaped pool, or even a round pool. Both of these shapes can be just as sizeable.


If you are considering a unique shape, it can wind up dictating the size of the pool you end up with. Additionally, the layout of your yard may lend itself better to a pool that provides more shape than size.


There are a lot of things to consider when deciding to have a pool installed on your property. This is why it’s very important to plan out every detail with your contractor beforehand.

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