Swing, Slide or Bi-fold - Which Gates Are for You

The gate to your property is the icing to the cake that is your property.

Your gate can communicate many things to your neighbours, neighbourhood and even to prospective buyers. So why would you skimp on the safety and aesthetic aspects of your gate for the sake of saving some cash?



There are lots of options that can work for your property, so how can you start?

What to Consider Before Installing A Gate

Start by looking into the elements that you require the gate to address:


  • Security: Will the gates work as an active deterrent and security measure for you, your family and property? If so, you may want to look at added measures to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Safety: Gates can be designed to prevent animals from slipping out, and trespassers from slipping into unsafe areas.
  • Functionality: How will the gates interact with their immediate environment? Will the gates have to navigate a slope or slide into existing palings for a seamless finish?
  • Aesthetics: Is it important to have a stunning front gate, or is the functionality paramount and sufficient?
  • Space: Some short driveways prevent gates from swinging open and closed, so examine whether a different style will work with your space.
  • Operation: Are you looking for an automated gate, or a manual option?
  • Cost: Avoid making costly mistakes and stick firmly to your budget; keeping in mind that the cheapest option may not work long-term with your property or lifestyle for long


Now that you know what elements your gate has to meet, you can start shopping around.

Comparison Between Swing Gates, Sliding Gates and Bi-fold Gates


Swing Gates

Sliding Gates Bi-Fold Gates

A traditional gate style, swing gates work with most driveways where you’re not working with a short drive.

Available in single and double styles, these gates can be easily styled to meet your home décor needs.

 A more contemporary offering, sliding gates are widely used on properties where the driveway is not long enough to safely or efficiently accommodate a swinging gate.


Working cohesively with sloped properties, sliding gates work well when lower ground clearance – which is important for pet owners– is an important feature.

 One of the newest additions to the gate market, bi-fold gates combine the look of traditional swing gates with the efficiency and space-saving capacity of a sliding gate.


Available in a number of materials and designs, bi-folds are versatile for a range of properties.


      Offers security and safety

      Works with flat and sloped properties

      Low maintenance

      Highly versatile product and can be designed for contemporary, classic and homestead style properties

      Available in automated and manual operation formats


      Space-saving, requiring only up to two motors

      Sliding gates work efficiently on sloping properties

      Easy manual or automated opening and closing

      Removes the needs for extra space to allow a swing gate to move

      Allows greater space for additional vehicles

      Bottoms of the gates are unlikely to be damaged through wear and tear

      Smooth and efficient opening

      Work well in areas with limited space or sloping drives

      Perfect for narrow blocks that can’t accommodate either the swing or sliding gate

      Extremely quiet operation

      Offers strong security options to make it a viable option for both commercial and private properties

      Trackless versions does not require the homeowner to dig up the driveway


      For safety reasons, these gates should only open inwards to the property

      Needs a strong post to attach the gate


      Requires extra driveway length to ensure the gates can open and close without contacting a parked vehicle

      Tracks need to be maintained to ensure smooth operation

      Sliding gates are often noisier to operate, as they have more moving parts

      Expensive to install and repair if damaged

      Can be expensive to install

      Requires multiple motor locations

      Versions with tracks require maintenance for smooth operation

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