How to make your pool look glamorous

beautiful semiground pool


A crystal clear pool is the jewel of the crown for many properties. As a source of fun, leisure and health benefits, pools are so much more than places to splash and cool off.


One of the many questions asked is how to make a pool ‘fit’ or complement the existing property. It’s no secret that pools can return dividends on properties, but it’s a well-considered and designed pool that really adds value.



So how can you ensure that your pool does its best to highlight and improve aspects of your home? After all, making the investment to install a pool is nothing to be sniffed at!

Consider the Natural Undulation of Your Property


Before commissioning your pool, consider the best access points from your home along with the natural undulation of your property. While it may be tempting to place a pool on the flattest part of your land for cost savings, it might actually do your property no good when it comes to long-term use or resale. It’s no fun having guests traipse pool water and debris across your carpet and living areas! In some instances, installing a semi-inground pool will address both issues of sloping land and access by creating an extended level of usable space. For many homeowners that use this system, they are able to create instant access to wet areas of the home – such as laundries – and pave or deck a larger entertainment area that’s fit for sunbathing, barbequing and even catching never-before-seen hill views.

Keep grass away from your wet areas


Grass and overhanging deciduous trees and plants are a menace for pools. Creating endless headaches at every mow or change of season, planting lush vegetation might seem like a good idea to border the pool at the time, but picking the wrong kind can create hours of labour and drain your pocket.

If you’re looking to add some soft landscaping to work with your pool – such as a cove-like theme – look at types of plants that rarely shed and mulching that can’t be blown around. Succulents, cactus and some small palms can add some much needed softness while eliminating pesky leaf litter. Mulching alternatives such as river pebbles and gravel can also create a visually appealing look without adding to your cleaning routine.

Deck the halls…


Pool use is synonymous with sunshine activities, so why not make the most of your new outdoor entertaining area with extended decking around your new addition.

Creating a safe and fun space for the family to enjoy not only makes it easier to supervise your younger swimmers, but creates a great zone for picnics, sunbathing and even morning yoga and workouts.

The great thing about timber is that it can be easily cut to fit, so if you’re working with an unusual space, or your pool is an irregular shape, a reputable carpenter should be able to create a bespoke system that’s perfect for you.

Light up the night


Nothing is better than taking a dip on a hot, balmy night. But without adequate light, your pool can become a slippery no-go-zone even on those sweltering nights. Keeping you and your loved ones safe in the pool after dusk can be simple and attractive – if you know where to look!

Installing a series of main-power pillar lights around your pool can add a modern but clean touch to navigating whilst in the water, as can a series of mounted spotlights or strung pontoon lights with soft tones.

In addition, adding a series of garden lights throughout the paths and surrounding garden beds can add a twinkling, affordable touch of luxury.

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