How to Keep The Dirt Out Over The Christmas Holidays

Christmas time at our joint is like a whirlwind of mayhem. While I try and keep a handle on everything going on, it feels like some days I have the house spick and span at 9 am, and by midday, its like a bomb has hit it. Kids toys everywhere, the dog has tracked in dirt from the backyard, there are empty plates that need doing from the rels coming over for some morning tea Christmas cake. Like, how did I get myself into this mess? And it is a mess!

Luckily, Ive gotten a bit used to the Christmas melee, Ive learned how to keep (some of) a handle on things. So I thought I better impart some words of wisdom to you, dear reader. If youve ever felt like you are out of control over Christmas and need a little extra help (and sanity), then youve come to the right place.

Lesson 1: You aren’t a saint, get help

For me, the first thing that I concluded early on is that I am not just a one-woman warrior. I cant do all this by myself during really busy times of the year. So, thats cool. I decided that during all school holidays that I would get a cleaner in at least once a week. And sometimes, to be honest, its twice a week. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing this! You are no less of a smart person! Its not like you are failing anything! I did for a time try and got the kids and my husband to help out more – but honestly, their cleaning skills are just not up to my standards. Having a professional cleaner around is awesome because they do a good job and they clean my house top to bottom. Its something that really helps, and hey it means I get more of a chance to hang out with my family during the holidays. Its win-win.

Lesson 2: Shoes at the door

I used to be one of those people that always thought houses, where people leave their shoes at the door, was odd. Not anymore. Its now common practice in my home. Even if you have guests around, they can do the same. We have a little shoe rack at the door so people can feel comfortable doing so, and even some home slippers for if they dont want to be barefoot. Seriously, its saved a lot of my sanity and means I dont have to be cleaning the floors every other day. Because seriously, who needs that in their life? Not me, thats for sure.

Lesson 3: Go out instead

If you want to do social occasions, then its always nice to entertain at home, but seriously, cleanups after having guests around can be draining if youre doing it all the time. For real, its summer out over Christmas, so its warm outside at all hours of the day. If youre trying to budget (and hey, isnt everyone trying to over Christmas a little bit?), then you dont have to choose restaurants or other activities where youre spending money. Theres nothing that I like more than getting everyone together for a barbeque in the park. Its cheap, cheerful, and nobody has to clean up – except for the barbeque plate and to have to load your rubbish into the bin at the end of it.

Lesson 4: Make sure to groom the pets regularly

This is more of an overall life tip, for throughout the whole year - its not just for Christmas. Grooming your dogs (or cats) regularly can help to cut down on the pong and also the amount of hair that they end up leaving all over the house. Youll need to regularly brush them yourself, and then either bath them yourself once a month or get a mobile pet cleaner to come round to wash them. If youre feeling it, then you can even take them to a fancy pet salon if you like and give them the works. I alternate between having the pet people come around and doing it myself at home if Im feeling up to it. If you feel like they are still getting dirty, theres no reason that you cant clean them more. And always, always wash them if you go to the dog beach; otherwise, they are going to stink up your car, home, and you – which is not what you want at all!

You can also contact with a professional cleaning service provider as a Christmas surprise for yourself!

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