How Much Of A Hassle Are Rainwater Tanks To Look After?

 Water tanks are a great way of to catch your own water and save some money. Although rainwater tanks do require some maintenance and up keep to ensure they are operating efficiently and your getting the best quality water. How maintenance they require will depend on the application of the water. The use of water will determine the level of maintenance required. Water used for drinking will result in more up keep than water used for the garden or washing.

Maintenance For Drinking Water

Rainwater is usually caught from your roof and is directed into your tank using guttering and pipes. The ensure your water is of premium quality ensure all gutters are clean from debree and and animal dropping. It is wise to use a filter in the entry point of the rainwater tank. It is also necessary to clean your rainwater tank system every 2-3 years to reduce the chance of contamination. If a filtration system is used ensure to replace filters every 3- 4 months and check inlets and outlets for debree. Also check your tank for mosqitos or algae. If you do find traces of mosquitos or algae make sure you check all seals correctly in place. The inflow and overflow screens should be check regualy and cleaned as frogs and mosquitos tend to reside in these areas.

Maintenance for Garden and Washing Use

 Maintenance for garden and washing use is considerable less as the quality of the water is less important. The same checks should be made although your probably not using a filtration systems and will cut down on maintenance. If you don’t think your equipped with the knowledge or skills there are always professionals to call and will do your tank maintenance for you.


Have your own rainwater tank is low cost and effective way to reduce your water bill and catch the precious commodity that falls from the sky for free. Some maintenance is required although it’s not much of a hassle at all and there is always a professional to do the job for you.


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