Where to Consider Using Frameless Glass

Frameless glass fencing

Where does frameless glass work best?


When it comes to picking the best fencing options, stepping outside the conventional post and rail box can open up your home, office and entertaining spaces like never before.


Metal and tension railings, while practical and available in a range of designs, don’t always best reflect your personal style or the style of your home or office. This is where frameless glass fencing can really lend itself to enhancing your working and personal spaces.



So where does frameless glass fencing work best?

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Privacy Screen -- A Privacy Fence for Your Security

Privacy Screes

The Privacy Screen

Just like a fence, a privacy screen divides a certain area from another and provides privacy to the property and the people on it. It you’re not familiar with privacy screens, they are like the quality tight knit form of screens that they use in construction sites to keep the construction process private and to restrict people from going near the site where they can get injured  

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A Privacy Screen Provides A Stylish Way To Be Discreet

Privacy Screes
Privacy Scree (Image Source: Fencing Manufacturers)


Most homeowners like to have a bit of privacy, especially in neighbourhoods where the houses or flats are very close together. Even if you love your neighbours, you do not want to see directly into their houses, and vice versa. That is why a privacy screen is a great addition to your home, and it could pay off big dividends should you ever decide to sell your property, since it adds value. Buyers will respond better to a home with these screens, along with the clean lines and modern look that the slats provide.




Slimline Privacy Screen System


As the name suggests, the slimline privacy screen system provides thin, flat slats that give you some private space while still allowing you to see through them. These are fantastic for when you do not want to be super secretive but still value a bit of discretion. These are great for not just your yard, but also patios and pool areas. In fact, families with small children often use these as barriers to keep the children out of the water for safety. 


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