Some of My Favourite Real Flame Models

If you ask me, real flame is the only way to go. The way the flames dance and flicker is simply magic while also providing the perfect ambiance for an evening in, spent with a glass of your favourite wine.  It's simply a more authentic heating and atmospheric experience. 



On those cold gloomy nights, it's nice to fire up the real flame heater and lounge around. It brightens the room and things don't seem so gloomy anymore. Somewhat the opposite. The atmosphere created is warm and inviting. That's why I have chosen to write about my favourite real flame models.


The Pit Fire

This has to be my absolute favourite outdoor heater. It has a rustic yet elegant old fashioned fire pit appeal. This Australian made beauty looks amazing and will surely add a touch of wow to your outdoor area. Not only does it look good, it performs well too and will provide ample heat at your next party. You also have the option of choosing between five different mediums including logs, rocks, glass pebbles and more.


The Captiva Island

The Captiva Island would have to be the Rolls Royce of real flame heaters. It's what you call an island double sided heater which means that it heats two rooms and it's clearly visible from both sides. The Captiva Island is ideal for the open plan aesthetic to your abode. As you sink back into your favourite chair and look into the flames dancing around, the clearly visible over-sized double sided looking glass all your worries seem to melt away. On the other hand, you could be in the kitchen toiling over a pot of Winter stew, only to gaze up into the flames and feel a sudden wave of contentment wash over your body.



The Captiva Island is the best of all worlds. It features all the modern conveniences such as a remote control and a 4.5-star efficiency rating. Did I mention there is also a model with a three-way looking glass? Like most real flame models, you get to choose your medium. I'm old fashioned so I always prefer logs.


The Landscape

The Landscape is the widescreen television of the real flame heater range. The extra-wide looking glass provides a perfect view of the flames and will light up any room. The Landscape looks great, and it's a great little performer. It boasts a massive 4.7-star efficiency rating and provides enough heat for the largest of rooms. The laundry list of features is another reason the Landscape is one of my favourite real flame heaters. It includes a full length remote, modulation burner, auto two-speed programmable timer, and electronic ignition.


The Signature Series

This is one of the more versatile heaters that gives you the option one, two, three, or four-sided glass. Its elegant beauty will capture the attention of guests as it becomes a talking point at your next dinner party. The signature series is like adding a functional piece of art to your living room. It's a definite eye-catcher and will light up your living room and your life. You also have the choice of three mediums logs, pebbles or coals.


The Real Flame Simplicity

This model embodies a simple yet effective approach with its classic styling that will suit modern and traditional houses. It's Australian made and built tough to keep you warm for many many Winters to come. Simple by nature with all the features of a modern gas real flame heater, the Simplicity real flame heater is a sure-fire winner.



As the name suggests this heater will add a touch of luxury and elegance to your home. It comes in a multitude of designs and gives you the option of modern contemporary aesthetic or a heater that is a little more unique. The Elegance is the designer fireplace that is easy on the eye and will look great in any home. It's for the person who wants to more than just a fireplace. A person who wants a masterpiece.


The Pure Vision

The pure vision heater is a wide heater that offers a horizon flames for your viewing pleasure. It's another Australian made beauty that sits flush in the wall and has plenty of power to keep you warm on the coldest of nights. It comes in a number of finishes such as mirrored, almond, charcoal, pewter and more. I would personally get the Pure Vision simply for the fiery vista it provides.


Choosing a real flame heater can be a bit daunting. There are so many options and so many different styles to choose from so that is why I have created this list. To give you a helping hand when it comes time to choosing your real flame heater. Real flame heating will warm your home while providing a beautiful ambiance to embrace.


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