Heating Options worth Considering

Heating options have evolved, over time, with technological advances and architectural development in the world over. Domestic sources of heat are no longer just functional household components, but have become a fundamental aesthetic addition to your home’s interior. The days of smoky wood fires and sooty walls are officially well behind us, as contemporary heating solutions generally offer a more complete combustion of fuels and low emission rates, when used and maintained as per the manufacturer’s instruction.


Not only are contemporary heating solutions environmentally friendly and eye-catching, but they can also drastically lower your electricity bills by offering you a cheaper, yet efficient alternative to electric heaters and the like. Whether you are considering the cleaner gas heaters or the more authentic wood heaters, current heating options are most definitely good value for money. However, with the current flux of innovative heating solutions, you can very easily find yourself torn between the countless options in the market. So, keeping in mind various criteria of choosing, we will narrow down your search to a few go-to options that are quickly becoming a staple all over Australia and beyond.


Type of fuel

When choosing the type of heater for your home, a major consideration you must make is the type of fuel you want to use. Options such as wood, natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas may feature in your retailer’s catalogue. This, however, tends to come down to subjective taste. Some people love the mood set by the crackling of wood on a quiet night in, while others just care about being warm enough. Some may prefer how gas heaters can be set ablaze with the mere push of a button, while others may enjoy the therapeutic process of kindling a wood fire. However, it is worth considering the fact that with gas heater such as the Lopi 564HO GS2 will require the expertise of a gas plumber to connect the main gas to the heater. Wood heaters, like the Lopi Republic, are definitely an option if you don’t mind stocking up on wood for those inclement months.


Room Size

When it comes to heating, there is no “one size fits all” kind of solution. Each room is different, and thus room size is probably one of the most important things to consider when choosing a heater type. If you want to heat up a large living space such as the living room or the master bedroom, the Lopi Flush Wood Large-Hybrid-Fyre may be a good consideration as it offers heating of up to 300sqm. If you prefer the gas options, the Lopi 864 GS2 can be considered. For smaller rooms, the Lopi Republic 1250 may be what you need. Its large heating surface and compact size makes it perfect for heating smaller bedrooms and dens.


Aesthetics and Room Decor

Heaters are not only important for heating your home. They can also serve as great decor additions to your room, bringing your space to life. Most homeowners stick to the conservative yet elegant flush heaters that are inbuilt into your wall or chimney. The Lopi 864 GS2 Clean Face is a go-to option for many homes for medium to large-sized rooms.




However, you need not remain as conservative as most. Linear fireplaces could serve both as a metaphorical and literal icebreaker at your next home gathering.  With designs ranging from 950mm to whooping 1800mm, you can be sure to find something suited for you in the market. One can go even more extreme with the Da Vinci Custom Gas Fireplaces which features up to 2134mm of fireplace. Though it may be considered overkill for the ordinary home, this option can work well in high-end apartments, as well as commercial establishments such as malls and hotels.




As can be noted from the above, the number options available when it comes to heating solutions are almost ridiculous. Narrowing down your search to what is most important to you can greatly help you when it comes to choosing what suits your needs best. Whether you settle on wood or gas, inbuilt or freestanding, rustic or elegant appearances, you can be sure there is an option suited for you. There are even exterior heaters such as the Tempest torch that can warm up and light up your garden or patio during those garden dinners. Hopefully this guide will give you a head start on choosing your next heating solution.



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