How to Choose A Property Stylist

How to choose a property styler

When selling your home, you want to make a great impression, and you want to sell for the highest price you can, this is where hiring a stylist is important.


Remember that there are a LOT of property stylists and interior decorators out there in the market, and they are not all created equal.


So, how do you choose the best stylist? The one who will help you make the biggest profit when it comes to selling your home? The one who can help sell your home in the shortest amount of time? The one who will cause you the less stress?


Visiting the websites of property stylists – or their Facebook pages are a great way to start. Most stylists will provide information on their pages about their work, what services they provide, any customer testimonials, images of their recent work and statistics on their sales times and profit. You can also visit some of the open homes and see the stylists work in person, this is the best way to see the *complete package* - and not just photos capturing the best angles of their work in their portfolio.


When choosing a stylist, you will need to check the following:


  • Make a note of the quantity and quality of the artworks, floral arrangements, furniture, rugs and any other accessories they have installed. You need to compare *oranges with oranges* as they say when it comes to price, the home should not be too minimally styled or too cluttered. Be wary of any stylists who offer to give you a huge discount; this probably means they will cut corners on your styling and this could ultimately cost you tens of thousands on your end-selling price.
  • Relevance of the styling as compared to the market – keep in mind the age and era of the house, the price bracket and the suburb. The styling needs to be both achievable and inspirational for the buyer in order to create the *WOW* factor for that particular market. Believe it or not there is quite a *science* to property styling!
  • There should be a cohesive theme or style that runs through the house. For example, putting antique style furniture into a modern home just won’t work. However, putting classic colours and modern items into an older style home can work – if it’s well done. There has to be consistency throughout the home.
  • Has the stylist paid attention to ALL the small details, have they coordinated furniture and accessories, created clear traffic zones, ironed all the bed linen? Have they paid attention to seating layouts with lounges and chairs to maximise views while ensuring a TV unit fits into the styling? Every buyer has a TV and knows where to put it, but not every living area can be styled as a *sitting room*.
  • Has the house been styled towards the number of people living in the home? For example, they haven’t put a 5-piece dining table in a house that has 3 bedrooms. The table isn’t going to be big enough for the potential amount of people sitting around it. The aim of good styling is to give your home that real *wow* factor, so the prospective buyer can really imagine being able to live in the property.
  • Remember that a stylist is creating a look for your home for a good section of the buying public, so while it may not have the look and feel of YOUR living style, the reason for hiring a stylist is to connect with as many buyers as possible.


Once you have narrowed down your choices, you need to meet with them to make sure they understand you and your property. Do they make you feel comfortable? Do they give you that confidence that they can help you achieve a good outcome? You will, after all, be working as a team with your real estate agent and the stylist during the selling process; you need to be working with someone you get along with.


When you chose a property stylist you are hiring a professional who not only knows and understand the real estate market but someone who knows how to present your property to its full potential, to make you the most amount of money in the shortest amount of time.

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    James Dean (Monday, 11 November 2019 20:35)

    The article has some good information. It is true that property styling plays very important role to increase property value. For this reason, choosing a expert property stylist is very important. The points identified in this articles are really valid