The Advantages of Having An Inground Concrete Pool

The advantages of having an inground concrete pool


A swimming pool is a great investment – it brings with it some great rewards including health benefits and happiness for your family, and it adds to the value of your home and property.


Swimming pools are a classic and iconic fixture in back yards all around the country that promise hours of fun and relaxation for the whole family. Nothing beats the old-fashioned concrete in ground swimming pool.


Pools today are divided into three different categories – fibreglass, vinyl and concrete, and while fibreglass and vinyl both have advantages that are unique to their general makeup, concrete pools today remain one of the most popular and easily accessible ways to construct a swimming pool that will last.


Concrete pools offer quite a lot considering they are constructed from a simple material. Unlike vinyl and fibreglass concrete is more versatile, though it does come with an added expense when it comes to maintenance, general repairs and upkeep. Concrete pools are generally better than pools made from other materials as you can go all out when it comes to the size and design of your pool unlike fibreglass pools, that have limitations when it comes to designs, shapes and size. Concrete pools can be custom-made to any size, shape or depth you want – the only limit being your budget.


This means you can have either a small and cosy pool, or a large pool suitable for entertaining lots of guests. Basically, concrete pools can be custom built to be as complex or as simple as you want and they aren’t limited to any set design restrictions. This is one of the reasons concrete pools are still preferred by many of the large scale hotels and resorts.


There are two main styles of swimming pools, in ground and above ground.


What are the main advantages of owning an in-ground concrete pool?



Of the styles of swimming pool available – vinyl, fibreglass and concrete, the concrete pool will:

  • Maintain its value better over the years
  • Last for much longer
  • In most cases you get a better price for your home when you sell if it has an in ground concrete pool in the back yard

If you live in an area where it does get extremely cold and you are worried your pool just won’t stand up to it – getting an in ground concrete pool is your best option.


Perfect for a range of climates

A concrete swimming pool will be able to stand cold climates well, and it is also perfect under the hot Australian sun, and in areas where the ground is made up more of sand and clay than dirt. Its thanks to this versatility that concrete has become the most popular choice when it comes to swimming pool construction.


Freedom to design your own style of pool

An in ground concrete pool gives you the ability to have far more flexibility when having a pool installed. You can have a pool designed that matches the shape and style of your back yard. Unlike a fibreglass pool that is fabricated in one piece and comes in standard sizes and colours, with a concrete pool you can add personality and character to the swimming area. For example, you can have your pool deck and the tiling of the pool match – or contrast.


While it is true that concrete pools and decking will require more maintenance and they need to be re-surfaced on average every 10 to 15 years, the advantages you gain out-weigh that.


Go deep, go shallow, have what you want

Unlike vinyl and fibreglass pools, a concrete pool can be built to almost any depth and shape. If you have an odd shaped back yard, it doesn’t matter a concrete pool can be designed to suit your shape. You also have far more freedom to design a pool with shallow and deep areas to suit the needs of your family.


Over all a concrete pool is a perfect choice, it’s durable, works well in both hot and cold climates and gives you the chance to design the exact pool for your needs. Concrete pools are very hardy and more durable when compared to other styles of swimming pool, which means you can expect your pool to last longer and you avoid the costly repairs associated with vinyl or fibreglass pools.

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