The Garden Shed VS The Garage

Do you have an inbuilt garage in your home? What do you use it for? Ideally, garages offer covered shelter for your vehicle. They are indoor-outdoor spaces, often with a lockable door and additional access to the house. If you’re not using your garage for parking, you might have turned it into extra living space, which can be convenient.


Many residents turn their garage into a multipurpose room. They park their cars, but they also stash their junk in it. On the sides of the car, you can find broken toys, old books, used newspapers, paint cans, and anything else that was discarded in the moment.


The garage may seem like a convenient dumping ground for your odds and ends, but it isn’t the best space for them. If your garage is cluttered and disorganised, you risk hurting yourself or your kids.


Anytime someone wanders into that messy space, there’s a chance they’ll step on something sharp and cause some kind of injury. And if they don’t harm themselves, they could step on a piece of equipment and property and end up breaking that instead.


The bigger risk is that cluttered garages can form nesting spots for rodents, small animals, and other pests. They can end up filling it with dirt and faeces, which can lead to nasty smells and infections. And don’t forget all that junk can end up damaging your car. It could scratch the paint work, puncture the wheels, or break the windshield.


The ideal solution to this issue is to install a free-standing garden shed for your excess storage. It will reduce security risks, because random people won’t have access to your garage. If it’s full of junk, people have excuses to fish around in your garage, in the guise of ‘looking for something.’ This is risky, since the garage can be used to sneak into your home.


Garden sheds can be customised for storage. You can install shelves, drawers, wall hooks, work benches, and other accessories. This makes for a cleaner, more organised system than simply dumping things in the garage.


Having a separate garden shed can protect your car from manual damage. The garage will be emptier, which means there’s more circulation and better ventilation. You’ll have clearer access to your car, and it’ll be easier to spot any car issues that need to be resolved.


A well-ventilated garage with lots of space is less likely to harbour harmful animal life, especially in chilly months when they need to hibernate. Good aeration will also prevent issues like mould, which would be hard to control in a cluttered garage.


If the items you’re storing are things you regularly use, storing them in a dedicated garden shed makes them easier to find, use, and maintain. You can clean them after use, or oil them to prevent rust. The shed also gives you more space to move around and get things done.


Garages are purely functional pieces of real estate. Most of the time, the doors remain closed, and even when they’re open, all you see is a stationary car. That’s if your garage is empty and uncluttered. If it’s full of junk, it’s an eyesore.


Conversely, a well-made garden shed can add aesthetic value to your home. You can paint it a nice bright colour that complements your décor, and surround it with attractive landscaping. It gives your yard a warm, homely feel, and can even be used for outdoor entertaining. This is especially fun if you include add-ons like skylights and outdoor furniture.


A garden shed is generally larger than a garage. They range from 2 metres to 6 metres in length, but being free-standing structures, it’s easier to manoeuvre inside them. This makes them easier to clean and maintain than a garage.


Plus, if you get a pre-fab garden shed, it’s easy to install and only needs to be hosed down periodically. If you’d still like to park a vehicle in your shed, you can extend a canopy for your bicycle, motorcycle, golf cart, or lawn mower.

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