10 Things You Didn't Know About Marble

Marble is a beautiful stone that has remained popular in architecture and sculpture for many centuries due to its good looks and innate qualities. But how much do you really know about marble? Put your knowledge to the test and see if you know all these 10 facts.

Marble was once limestone

You know those limestone cliffs along the coast all over Australia? Well, marble was actually once limestone – similar to the cliffs that you see. By a metamorphic process, limestone turns into marble, and the veins that we see running through it are actually impurities of other rocks or compounds running through it. The more you know!

The Taj Mahal is made of marble

The hulking great Indian structure the Taj Mahal? It’s made of a beautiful, high quality white marble, known as Makrana marble, which is famous for its light reflective properties. The building is a work of art and is one of the most photographed structures in the world. There are many other grand buildings made of marble, too.

It comes in a huge range of colours

Marble isn’t just those white and off whites that we see everywhere. Marble comes in a very large range of colours, including whites, creams, yellows, greens, blues, and reds. It is the impurities in the marble that give it its colour. This means you can find a marble colour to suit any colour scheme.

No two slabs are the same

The veins in marble are naturally formed which means that no two slabs of marble are ever exactly alike. This lends a beautifully natural aesthetic to anything made of marble. It is lovely to have something around that isn’t man made, similar to a slab of natural wood with all the grain running through it.

It’s a natural way to cool a home

House hot in the summer? Then look no further than marble flooring. Marble underfoot in the home can help to keep your home cool throughout the hot summer months. Marble takes a very long time to heat up, which makes it a good way to keep your home cooler for longer – a dream in summer.

Quartzite can give a similar look

If you’re after a marble look, but not marble itself, quartzite can provide a similar look. Although it isn’t quite as well regarded as marble, it can be a good alternative for people looking for something that isn’t marble but is still stone. Quartzite may be cheaper than marble, also.

It’s not damaged by hot pots and pans

If you’re looking for a material to make your countertops out of in the kitchen, marble is a popular choice. Why? Well, first of all, it’s easy to clean, and second of all, it isn’t damaged if you put down hot pots and pans on the bench after you take them off of your stove top.

Turkey currently is the biggest exporter of marble in the world

Thought Italy was the biggest exporter of marble in the world? Think again. Currently Turkey sits atop the list of the biggest marble exporters in the world, outstripping Italy in sales over two to one. Not only this, Uganda is the fastest growing exporter in the world currently. How about that!

Marble isn’t just for use in architecture

There are many uses of marble other than in building and sculpture that you probably wouldn’t have heard of. This includes uses like making white paint whiter, as an agricultural treatment when turned into lime, and powdered to provide dietary calcium supplements to animals even – bizarre!

You can test with acidic substances to check if a surface is real marble

Want to know whether a surface is real marble or not? Then you should do what’s known as an acid test. Acid tests will leave a mark if a substance is real marble. Acids that can be used for this testing include vinegar, hydrochloric acid, red wine, and other substances. If there is a reaction or a mark then its real stone that you’re dealing wine.

Marble is a beautiful stone for many different uses around the home from marble flooring, to wall tiles, shower recesses and splashbacks. As a stone that has been used for many centuries, we are sure that it will remain popular for many centuries to come. Whether your home is like the Taj Mahal or more Little House on the Prairie, you’re sure to find marble a welcome addition.

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