Update Your Lounge Room This New Year

There is something that is so totally refreshing about switching your house up – particularly if you do it just after New Year rolls around. For me, I really like to start off every new year by doing something new, something fresh. I think that too many people just continue along with the status quo, year in year out, doing the same things, having everything the same, and just never changing.


For me, if something every year doesn’t change significantly, then I feel like I’ve wasted just a little bit of my life – no matter how much fun or how good a year I had.


Well, anyway, last year I decided for my New Year’s change kick off that I’d remodel the lounge room and update it. No small task since I decided that I wanted to go all out.


The start of changing up the lounge room involved knocking out a piece of the wall to open it up more. Open spaces are far more appealing in homes I find. So that was step one: taking to the concrete wall with the trusty sledgehammer. Once I’d got the shape pretty much correct, then I had to even it out and redo the outer so that it looked like, well, a real wall.


Second up, it was time to redo the paint job. The colour of the walls at the time was sort of a sunny yellow which I was getting quite sick of, to be honest. I switched it up to a very pale green instead – I wanted to go for a kind of tropical feel, and I thought that this kind of colour would be a good place to start.

 Let me tell you, painting a room yourself is far more involved than you’d think – what with the primer and then two coats of paint, doing the skirtings as well as the ceiling! Once the painting was done, it was time to give the floorboards a bit of a polish up. We did this throughout the entire house since it was all in need of a freshen up.

Now that I had my clean, pretty slate came the fun part: decking it out with furniture and artistic touches. I chose this awesome tropical deep green and white print couch that cost a fortune, but I simply couldn’t go past – it was the feature piece of the room and huge. I then chose two armchairs in another deep green to add more seating to the equation. For the entertainment stand and a bookshelf, I decided on some sleek, clean models in a very light coloured wood – the Contour TV unit for the stand - to fit in with the theme. The coffee table is a big, round, glass-topped thing with a light coloured base, and I’ve scattered some design magazines across the top – some of the ones that I used for inspiration, in fact!

For the finishing touches on the room, I put a big bright print on the wall – I thought one piece of art on the wall would probably be enough. There are some vases on the bookshelf and a large one in the corner that has some extensive fake frond type arrangement that fans out. The rug that I used is woven in very soft light stripes which fits in well with the aesthetic of the room well.


If you’re looking for a way to start off your New Year with a bang and make you feel like you’ve made a significant change in your life, then I would highly recommend redoing your whole lounge room, I love my new look.


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