Does it matter what time of year you install a pool?

Does it matter what time of year you install a pool?

 Here in Australia, we have the same seasons that everyone else does. The difference is our seasons follow the reverse order as the Northern Hemisphere. While everyone else is having their sunny days of summer, we’re dealing with the chill and gloom of winter.


Fortunately, our climate is warm most of the year, and even our winter is distinctly lacking in snow. This becomes a key factor when it comes to pools. We can pretty much use our pools all year round, though few people enjoy swimming in the chilly drizzles of winter months.


If you don’t have a pool yet and are thinking of getting one there are some things you have to consider. Your budget, first and foremost. Then the size and design of the pool. You may be focused on the colour and shape, or you may be more interested in the layout and landscaping.


Few prospective pool owners factor in the time of year. After all, the right time to install a pool is when you have enough cash to get it done. Well, playing up the right time of year can save you cash, so it’s worth keeping in mind.


Summer is the best time for a good swim, so it would seem like the logical time to get a pool. There are a few reasons why this isn’t the best idea. For one thing, everyone shares your initial thought process, which means they’re all busy putting in their own pools.

When do you need to install a pool

The high demand for summertime swimming pools means that pool builders have business coming out of their ears. The best ones will be fully occupied, and those that aren’t are likely to take advantage of the boom by hiking prices. If you do find a pool builder that’s available, you’ll pay much more for your pool than you have to.


The rise in price isn’t just for labour. The materials used to install your pool will be at a premium as well. Of course, if price isn’t an issue for you, there are still other considerations. Installing a pool can take anything from a few weeks to a few months.


During that time, you probably won’t have access to your yard. So not only can you not swim, you also can’t barbeque, bask, or unwind in your yard. You’re building a pool so that you can have a good time at home, but in the course of construction, you’ll have to go somewhere else to enjoy the summer weather.


Another option is to put your pool in during the spring. Keep in mind that spring is a brief season, and there may not be enough time to complete the pool before summer begins. Plus, you’ll get stuck in the crunch of early birds, the customers who felt they were clever enough to beat the summer rush by booking their pool guys in the spring. You probably won’t get your first choice installer, since someone else will already have snapped them up, and you might find yourself in an unnecessary price war to retain available labour.


Based on what we’ve discussed so far, winter seems like the ideal time to put in your pool, yes? After all, nobody builds one in winter, so you have the entire labour pool to yourself. Well, technically, you do. But most pool installation companies shut down during the winter – because nobody is building pools. For them, it’s the perfect time to take a vacation to sunnier climates.


It’s still possible to find a pool installation company that’s open, but the weather conditions may not be suitable for work. The constant drizzles and precipitation work against most forms of construction, including pools. And even if the pool builders are available and willing, their pool material suppliers are probably shut down for the off-season.


That leaves autumn. It’s warm enough to work, and pool supply shops are still open. Many are starting to plan the close-of-season sales, so you can get some great deals on pool equipment. Pool installers are starting to wind down as they complete their summer pool jobs, so they are less busy and more willing to negotiate their prices. You’re probably not making much use of your yard, so it’s okay if it’s out of commission. If anything, the pool crew might save you the hassle of raking leaves.


If you’re planning to spruce up your pool area with some fancy landscaping, you can start your greenery in the fall so that by the time summer comes round; your poolside is gorgeously framed. So, while you can technically put your pool in whenever you want, there’s a lot to gain by planning it for autumn.