Why you need commercial pest control services

Any business is keen to keep their inventory safe. Most commercial businesses keep their inventory on their premises. Moreover, it's also important to maintain a good image in front of clients and potential investors. Unfortunately, pests can ruin all your plans. Imagine a rat running across your boardroom in the middle of an important meeting with investors. The thought is appalling but it can be a reality if your premises is not attended to by commercial pest control services. Before there were humans in Australia, rats dominated the continent. They invited along with other pests that now haunt residents and businesses in Australia. The effects have been far-reaching and devastating.



Rats top the list of the most dangerous pests. Unfortunately, these vermin love storage areas and holding units of commercial facilities. Storage areas are usually warm and moist forming the perfect haven for rats and other pests. Moreover, if your premises handles food supplies expect more pests. Rats reproduce fast and you can easily move from ten rats to hundreds within months. During the cold season, the reproduction rate is even higher. To cover up their exponential population growth, rats have developed ingenious ways to maintain a covert life. It’s difficult to see rats roaming around in plain sight. To avert danger and detection they move in the low light.



More often than not, the presence of rats is established after the damage is done. Rats can cause damages worth millions within months. They eat through cartons and other storage items. They can also damage your goods by eating away electrical components, cardboard or food items. The losses reported after a rat invasion can run in the tune of millions. The worst ever rat plague in Australia occurred in 1993. An estimated loss of 96 million Australian dollars was reported. The rats attacked livestock in piggeries and poultry farms. They destroyed electrical insulation, rubber and damaged vehicles and buildings. Another plague occurred in New South Wales at the wake of 1994. All these events point out the importance of commercial pest control services.


Aside from rats, termites also cause havoc on commercial premises. Termites can tear down the whole structure of a business premises. They eat through timber from the inside out compromising the integrity of a building. Looks can be deceiving when it comes to termite infestation. Your wooden flooring or ceiling may deceptively appear normal despite having severe damage. The tell-tale signs include bowing of the wood, a feeling of hollowness or complete collapse of the wood. A creaking sound from the wooden flooring can be a sign of infestation. Termites allow accumulation of moisture in wood compromising its integrity.


The damage from termites and rats can be devastating. Other pests like mites and spiders can also cause the same damages. Unfortunately, the effects go beyond the structure and facilities of a business. More often than not an incidence of pest infestation ruins the public image of a company. Pests are associated with filth and any infestation alludes to the same. Health codes are put in place to ensure business premises are free of health hazards. Pests are considered a health hazard. The health of everyone in a pest-infested facility is in danger. From the bubonic plague to trichinosis, pests are known to spread deadly diseases. If you are in the business of handling food the rules are stiffer due to the risk posed to the general population.


Commercial pests control services come with innovative solutions to solve the problem of pest infestation. Pest control is not a one-off affair, therefore, a plan has to be in place to ensure infestation never recurs. The preliminary phase of pest control involves a site visit. The gravity of the infestation is established at this point and also the damage is analysed. A detailed plan of the pest control operation is drawn and a commencing date is set. Business activities may be affected depending on the gravity of the infestation. A large-scale pest control operation may involve the closure of business while a small scale operation may only require a few hours outside business hours. Although temporary closure may mean losses, the losses might be far much greater with pest infestation.




A follow-up operation is crucial in pest control. You can never be too sure when it comes to some pests. This is why commercial pest control services include routine visits. For food handling businesses the visits are more frequent and thorough. A personalised pest control plan is the most effective pest control tool. Therefore it crucial to call commercial pest control services to handle pests in your business premises. Professionals do it best and you are guaranteed a pest-free business. Therefore, in case of any signs of infestation contact the right people.

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